Delay of express notice

Dear applicants,

Please be advised that packages delivered to Beijing require a longer time to be processed because of the additional safety inspections currently conducted. This might increase the delivery time of your application files. While you can keep taking advantage of the convenience offered by EMS services, applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate visa submission method according to their personal situation and departure date.

For more information visit: http://www.ems.com.cn/ems/news/viewNews?id=4683



Cyprus Visa Application Form

Letter of authorization for visa application/passport return

Mandatory if you choose to submit your application/collect your passport by a representative. The letter cannot be sharable and each application must have one original separately. Please be aware that two originally signed letters of authorization are mandatory for submitting your application and collecting your passport by a representative and a photocopy is invalid.

Assumption of Responsibility for Hosting Form

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