For the attention of the representatives applying on applicant’s behalf!

Please be advised that you’re now required to submit a declaration letter in the event that during your appointment it is discovered that your application files do not correspond to the requirements of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, or some of the required documents are missing. This declaration letter MUST BE signed by the applicant themselves.

We strongly advise you to review the documents in advance and have original declaration letter in case some of the documents are missing and/or are incomplete. Please review FAQ section for more information, especially question 2.6. The application will not be accepted if the application file doesn’t satisfy the requirements outlined by the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus, available in the document list for each corresponding visa type, and the declaration letter signed by the applicant themselves is missing.


Cyprus Visa Application Form

Letter of authorization for visa application/passport return

Mandatory if you choose to submit your application/collect your passport by a representative. The letter cannot be sharable and each application must have one original separately. Please be aware that two originally signed letters of authorization are mandatory for submitting your application and collecting your passport by a representative and a photocopy is invalid.

Courier delivery service discharge (This discharge should only be filled by postal applicants)

Postal address & Invoice title

Statement of consent

Declaration Letter

Assumption of Responsibility for Hosting Form

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