Delay of express notice

Dear applicants,

Please be advised that packages delivered to Beijing require a longer time to be processed because of the additional safety inspections currently conducted. This might increase the delivery time of your application files. While you can keep taking advantage of the convenience offered by EMS services, applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate visa submission method according to their personal situation and departure date.

For more information visit: http://www.ems.com.cn/ems/news/viewNews?id=4683


Description of the travel health insurance

TLScontact advises you not to buy services or insurance from street sellers. You can purchase complaint travel insurance from an authorized reseller.

To enfacilitate a comfortable and safe experience for the duration of your stay abroad, TLScontact is offering applicants the ability to purchase travel health insurance. This intuitive self-service insurance service is easily accessible via the platform managed by the third-party provider and offers you a variety of packages that can be customised to your travel needs.

This service is optional and can be purchased for the corresponding locations following the links below.

北京 Beijing

上海 Shanghai

广州 Guangzhou

沈阳 Shenyang

武汉 Wuhan

成都 Chengdu

Please note that this optional service is provided by third party service provider. For further inquiry, please contact the service hotline indicated on the dedicated website.